About Us

image Cathy and DJ Pat: We have been teaching and dancing for over 40 years and Pat DJing dance events for over 25 years, for all ballroom dancing enthusiasts in the Toronto area.
Our motto is Dance for the fun and health. We believe that if you can walk you can dance. Anybody can learn if they choose to. Come with a partner or come alone, just join us and have fun.

Cathy and Pat also present Professional Showcases, bringing in top dancers from all over the world, for demonstrations.
Look at our Events page for information about coming events. Experience the joy of dancing with BallroomTO, the acknowledged leader in international dance Club in Toronto since 1990. Our Club attracts from professional to the absolute beginner to our great dance events, whether you picture yourself gliding across a ballroom floor on a waltz, or swaying to a salsa beat.

Trust our vast offering of dancing music and advanced new steps lessons, to complement your skills.

Thanks to the support of all the passionate dancers in the GTA, BallroomTo is again alive and prospering, so join us and make reservations for our coming events. From our anniversary show to our New Year's celebration.


Come Dance with Us!